She Was Surprised When Someone Helped Her, She Was Stunned When She Realized Who It Was


June 26, 2018 11:02 By Fabiosa

Sometimes, it takes time for our acts of kindness to return to us, but when they do – they make a lifelong memory.

An elderly woman in a wheelchair was struggling with her luggage after landing at the Appleton International Airport in Wisconsin, United States.

She was trying to drag her luggage behind her when a young man asked her if she needed help. She agreed, so he helped her get off the plane. Then, the young man realized that the woman would probably need someone to push her wheelchair.

The young man helped the woman, pushing her wheelchair and carrying her luggage. Finally, both crossed the airport terminal.

The woman was met by her daughter, who completely admired everything the young man had done for her mother.

When the lady saw the Green Bay Packers labels on the man’s luggage, she asked if he played for the football team. He said, "Yes, mam."

The ladies realized that the man was in fact a famous player. It turned out to be Aaron Jones, an American football star.

The famous player agreed to pose for some photos with the woman and her daughter before continuing on his way. He didn’t know that some of his fans captured this act of kindness.

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The picture taken by the fan was posted on the internet and quickly went viral. The admirers of Aaron Jones didn’t miss the opportunity to praise him for such a beautiful gesture.

This player should be an example for all of us. He decided to help an old woman when she needed it most, and the best part is that he did not seek credit for that.

The flight attendant told the lady there would be a staff member waiting for her to push the wheelchair by the bridge, but when they got out, there was nobody there.

Jones himself said he was surprised when he discovered the response caused by his gesture. "It made me happy, but I didn’t know that anybody had taken a picture until I got home and I went on Twitter," the player said.

"You can tell she got excited," Aaron said, referring to the surprising discovery. The star added that there was nothing special about what he’d done, and anybody would do it.


Un post condiviso da Aaron Jones (@showtyme_33) in data:

Undoubtedly, Aaron James is more than just a good player. He is an example of a gentleman.

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