After A Stranger Paid For Old Lady's Groceries, She Posted A Heart Melting Video Hoping It Will Find Her Benefactor

Date July 18, 2018

Recently, a most moving story has gone viral on Facebook touching the hearts of thousands.

Hector Ulloa works as a packer in a large supermarket in Puente Alto, Colombia. One afternoon while working, he noticed an elderly lady crying inconsolably in one of the grocery alleys.

Mr. Ulloa approached and asked if she was okay. He didn’t expect to discover that her tears were ones of joy and also shame, as a stranger had paid her purchases and she couldn’t even thank her.

Hector Tito Ulloa / Facebook

When at the cashier’s desk it turned out that the elderly woman didn’t have enough money, the cashier suggested her to remove some things and pay for the rest.

A customer behind the old lady paid for her, saving her the humiliating trouble of choosing what she needed the least.

Kwangmoozaa /

She was so surprised by this act of kindness that she couldn't even thank her benefactor.

After hearing the lady’s story, Hector helped her to get to the public transport, but before getting her on a bus, Mr. Ulloa recorded her thank you message.

Madam, I don’t know you, but I am endlessly grateful for what you’ve done. Your image is going to be before my eyes for the rest of my life. I can’t thank you enough!

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This video has been shared more than 60 thousand times, but it’s still uncertain if the message reached its addressee. If it hasn’t yet, sooner or later the generous lady will see it and will be moved by knowing how important her act was.

They say what you give is what you get. Let’s hope that the actions like these are always rewarded.

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