Photo Of This Teenager Walking To His Graduation Went Viral: He Got Full Scholarship And Car

Date June 13, 2018

The power of wanting is a thing, and Corey Patrick provided a perfect example of this. Patrick is a teenager from Alabama, USA, who proved that the effort is always rewarded. Every day, for the past school year, Corey got up at 4:30 am to take a bus to his school, Tarrant High School. Earlier this month, he followed his usual routine, but this time Patrick was… wearing a graduation cap and gown.

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The unusual attire caught the attention of the bus driver, DeJuanna Beasely, who took photos of the young man walking and shared them on Facebook account with the following message:

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As expected, the images became viral and already collected more than 39 thousand likes, 840 comments, and 43 thousand shared. It got so famous, that the comedian Rickey Smiley stepped in to present Corey a car.


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Smiley said the obvious fact that Corey wasn’t seeking fame and simply wanted his high school diploma made up his mind.

Corey's family moved when he started his senior year at school, but Corey was determined to finish studies and graduate with his friends. For this reason, Corey got up every day at dawn to start the 90-minute journey that would lead him to the doors of his high school.

In addition, the long journey also meant that the teenager got home late, between 6:30 and 7:00 pm. Corey told the WBRC news network that he did what he had to do to graduate this year.

Corey's mother, Felicia White, commented that the rest of the family managed to arrive on time for the graduation ceremony and that she was incredibly proud of her son. She also took the opportunity to appreciate all the messages and gestures of support they have received.

Corey also got several scholarship offers from different universities according to CBS 42. Patrick said had no idea that his story would become so popular and that both the car and the scholarships mean a lot to him.

Undoubtedly, Corey's story is another example of the fact that it takes willingness and determination to get things we truly want. Don’t get discouraged by any circumstances.

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