Motorcycle Courier Takes His 92-Year-Old Alzheimer's Stricken Mother To Work Every Day

Date June 28, 2018 15:47

Life is a long road, they say. It is particularly true about Cai Yujun and his 92-year-old mother. Cai, 52, works as a motorcycle courier up to 14 hours a day making different sorts of deliveries, mainly to computer stores. His business is not easy in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, China, which is known for everyday heavy traffic.

Approximately seven years ago, Cai Yujun's mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's. They have nobody except each other.

With no money to pay for nurses, Yujun decided to take his mother along every day on the motorcycle. They spend 12 to 14 hours together on the road dodging cars, breathing exhaust fumes and patiently waiting in traffic jams.

This was what he told in an interview:

Mother has labored her whole life for our family. So no matter how hard life is, I cannot shirk my responsibility for taking care of her.

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Obviously, to have his mother on the motorcycle for so many hours Yujun had to make accommodations. He enlarged the seat and had some safety ropes installed for protection and comfort.

When she is not allowed in some of the buildings Cai is delivering to, he asks people downstairs to keep an eye on his mother. Most times they agree.

People are good to them, and it has been a good way for them to make friends and socialize.

Despite the working days being exhausting for both, they try to stay cheerful and have a few laughs.

The lady has sure done a great job raising her son!

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