5 Body Changes During Menopause: You Can’t Beat Time, But You Can Relieve These

Date May 28, 2018

Everything begins at some point in your 40s, when you may find yourself buying your first pair of glasses so you can read the fine print that, at one point, seemed quite readable. However, it is only the beginning. With menopause, our bodies and minds begin to undergo various changes, many of which can make us frustrated and uncomfortable.

There is a lot of unnecessary embarrassment linked with the process of aging. While it's true that the changes you're experiencing aren’t pleasant, it's good to know that there are certain things you can do.

1. It is more difficult to control the bladder.


Women may face bladder control issues after childbirth, during pregnancy and menopause. In fact, a feeling that you can’t hold it anymore, or that there is a little situation when you cough, sneeze or laugh, is experienced by about 40% of women over 40. You can practice Kegel exercises to improve it.

2. Memory lapses become more frequent.

After 40 you may feel that your memory has got worse. Do not be scared, it's not connected with dementia. It is normal to become forgetful as menopause approaches. However, you can consult your doctor to determine if everything is fine just to be reassured. You could also try to relax.

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3. You may start to lose hair.

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Throughout our lives, the amount of hair we have fluctuates. For example, a fuller and healthier mane of hair is usual during pregnancy, as are follicles falling out once the baby is born. And, due to hormonal changes, hair loss can also occur as menopause approaches.

However, there are a number of products to visibly add volume to your locks.

4. Gray hair is literally everywhere.

Most of us recognize that gray hair is part of aging, but does it have to turn gray everywhere? Supposedly yes. Graying is not only limited to head hair. To deal with it you can consider waxing with Brazilian wax or dyeing. If you opt for the second option, do not use products designed for the head on the other parts of your body, as they can contain strong chemicals.

5. You could experience hot flashes.

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Up to 80% of women experience hot flashes during menopause and research suggests that, for some women, the heat can last from 7 to 11 years. One possible solution is to discuss it with your gynecologist, who may suggest a hormone replacement therapy. Non-hormonal medications, including some antidepressants, can also be helpful. And, of course, start considering the option of dressing in lighter clothes.

In short, aging does not have to be something one should try to hide. It is a natural process and we must face it with dignity.

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