Extreme Yoga Or Child Abuse? The Controversial Baby Practice Makes People Argue About The Expert's Professionalism

Date July 11, 2018

Yoga is an ancient art that seeks physical and mental relaxation. It is usually a great tool for babies and children, but some of its controversial types may seem to go beyond the limits of most people’s understanding.

While the relaxing art is usually a calm experience for both parents and children, this expert makes it look like child torture.

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In the video shared by the Russian therapist, the baby is thrown up and down as well as has all joints bent from ankles and wrists with sharp movements, making it spin through the air. Is it a really helpful exercise or misinterpreted torture for the poor kids? Let’s break it down

Yoga for babies

Lena Fokina says her rocking movements help babies eradicate their bone and muscle problems. She claims she was inspired by African practitioners who find it common to perform such crazy things with their children.

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The untraditional yoga expert says tears might seem a disturbing issue, but soon, they disappear, as the child begins realizing the pure joy of the movements. Her goal is to bring Yogini traditions to other countries, as her 30 years of hard work and solid experience should not disappear in vain.

What about the doctors’ opinion?

The first thing they notice is the unnatural and very sharp movements, which may seem to have a negative impact on the motor development.

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The greatest danger is a shaken baby syndrome, which causes severe retinal blood-stroke and even brain swelling.

Barcroft TV / YouTube

This syndrome can cause death or, in the best scenario, leave a child with permanent brain damage. That is why parents should not have rough games where children under five years old are strongly shaken. Most people say it is crazy and abusive to have a child suffer such sharp movements. They argue parents should stop doing anything similar without a previous consideration from a medical expert.

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