KonMari Method: The Japanese Art Of Decluttering And Organizing That Took Over The World

Date January 24, 2019

Some time ago, Japanese 34-year-old Marie Kondo was named one of the most influential women of the USA. Apart from her own series Tidying up with Marie Kondo recently released by Netflix, what made her so famous?


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Kondo is an organizing consultant. Yes, an organizing consultant – she is unmatched in keeping places tidy and organized, and teaches other people how to do the same. Marie has already published 4 books about her incredible method and has sold millions of copies, becoming one of the most influential women of 2015 in the United States.


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What is so special about her method?

First of all, Marie Kondo suggests that order and cleanliness can transform people’s lives by bringing greater harmony to their daily lives. The success of this method is even linked with an increase in donations of clothes throughout the USA. How’s that for a great after-effect? Let us share with you some of the main principles of Marie Kondo’s method:


One of the techniques Kondo advocates is taking each item and asking yourself if it makes you happy. If not, you should thank it for its service and don’t feel guilty about discarding or donating it.


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Live in the present

Not everything we keep at home has a function in our life. And because of this, it is essential to live in the present, know who we are at the moment, and keep only things we need to live now.


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Declutter by categories

Kondo suggests tidying up things by categories, starting with clothes, then books and papers, and ending with sentimental items.


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Give each thing its place

To keep your place tidy, it is crucial that each object has its precise place. She advises subdividing the drawer with boxes or plastic containers. As for clothes, it is proven that we wear only what’s in plain sight, so you should keep the clothes you decide to keep within your reach.


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To avoid hoarding, for each thing that we buy, we get rid of one or two old items.


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Organize in private

It is customary to ask our close ones for a second opinion when deciding whether to get rid of stuff or not. But tidying up is a very private process, which is only about you. For this reason, it is advisable to declutter on your own.

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Beware of hoarding containers

An obsession with organizing can lead us to buying more dressers, boxes, or containers. Don’t forget that you have to get rid of something before getting something new.


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This revolutionary method has proven to have extraordinary results. Many people have tried it, including celebrities. Jennifer Garner, for example, even documented the revision of one of her drawers and shared it on Instagram.


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According to Kondo, these small transformations can lead to a real change in a person’s life. Would you dare to get rid of a few bags of your belongings to make your house and life more organized?

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