Cancer-Stricken Child Begs His Mother To Return After She Disappeared With Money Donated For His Treatment


June 20, 2018 11:07 By Fabiosa

There’s nothing more frightening for parents than to discover their child has cancer. However, childhood cancer is a harsh reality that affects many families, thus making them do everything they can and can’t to save their children.

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But just as there are struggling parents, there are exceptions – an incredible case of a 10-year-old boy from China, who now begs his mother to return after she disappeared with donations collected for his treatment.

Chengcheng, a child with acute lymphocytic leukemia, aired his plea on TV after his mother fled with approximately 34 thousand dollars of donations.

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The family raised $ 9,000, the school donated almost $ 20,000, and they even received $ 4,635 from the Civil Affairs Office.

If my mother comes back, I will not blame her.

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Although everybody judges the woman and thinks she is guilty, her relatives refuse to believe it.

Even the medical team is surprised.

I've never seen his mother rest, she had been such a good caretaker for the little boy.

But, despite apparent mother's kind nature, a telephone call made a compelling case against her.

One of Chengcheng’s teachers said she couldn’t believe the rumors and phoned the "fugitive". The child's mother picked up the phone and assured her that "everything was a mistake" and that she was with her son.

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The teacher was relieved with that response for a while but still wanted to check with the hospital. His student was still abandoned. She informed the authorities about the call and since then nobody has been able to contact the boy's mother.

In this video, you can see Chengcheng holding a piece of paper with handwritten words “Mom, please return”. His mother’s face has been censored.

This unusual case shows a brave child who is fighting for his life and teaches what forgiveness is, as for him, it is more important that his mother returns, than the crime she apparently committed. Still, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility that something bad happened to the lady.

Anyway, everyone wants a happy reunion of this family and to find out that the whole thing was only a misunderstanding. But that becomes less and less likely every day.

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