Nurse Was Caught On Tape Hitting Child In Hospital

Date June 29, 2018

A video of a nurse from Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) hitting her patient, a little girl, in the hospital in Mexico has caused a massive uproar among social networks users.

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The patient was transferred to the pediatric emergency department with esophageal varices and high blood pressure.

Apparently, the girl was hurting from a serum she was administered, but the nurse insisted that the patient carry on with the medical procedure. As can be seen in the video, the nurse pushed and scolded the girl.

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The girl’s protests made the nurse angry, as she grabbed the girl’s and forced her to lie down. The girl kept asking the medical worker to stop hurting her. Then, the nurse turned to spanking.

Noticiero Altavoz / YouTube

The child tried to defend herself with a kick, but the nurse kept on hitting the minor and saying "this is what you need".

You can hear the girl say: "They are going to put you in jail", to which the nurse replied: "And I'm going to accuse you because you're hitting me."

According to a source, the nurse was dismissed from her duties.

Here is the disturbing video:

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