HBO Documentary To Reveal The Dark Side Of Michael Jackson, And His Family Responds With A Lawsuit

Date February 27, 2019 16:15

In March, HBO will finally premiere the controversial documentary Leaving Neverland. The film addresses allegations of sexual abuse against Michael Jackson throughout his career. Directed by Dan Reed, the documentary will tell the experiences of the singer’s two alleged victims.

Wade Robson and James Safechuck met Michael Jackson when they were 7 and 10 years old. Both visited his mansion several times. Today men are adults and have their own children, so they reconsidered their experience from a new perspective.

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In response to accusations made in the documentary, Michael Jackson's family has filed a lawsuit against HBO on the basis that, in 1992, the network and the singer signed an agreement for the television rights during the singer’s Live in Bucharest: The Dangerous Tour.

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In the contract, the company was obliged to give no comment and perform no practice that could damage the image of Michel Jackson or his representatives. It also includes a clause that requires HBO to obtain prior authorization from the singer’s heirs before displaying content related to him.


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During a press release, the family disacknowledged the premiere of the documentary for not presenting evidence to support Robson and Safechuck’s statements. In addition, they highlighted the fact that Michael Jackson isn’t alive to defend himself and that the accusations against him weren’t proven in court.

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Dan Reed responded to criticism and affirmed that in recent times, society has learned that sexual abuse is a complex problem and that the voice of survivors must be heard.


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Michael Jackson’s life has been full of scandals. The singer died in 2009 because of an overdose of painkillers to which he was addicted after an accident during the filming of an advertisement. Almost a decade after his death, the controversy over the accusations of sexual abuse against him doesn’t seem to end.


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