Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper Unleash Rumors About Their Romantic Affairs At The Oscars Ceremony

Date February 25, 2019

The Oscar awards ceremony was spectacular indeed. People are still discussing the ins-and-outs of the most awaited night in cinematography. With this in mind, there is a topic that hasn’t let us sleep calmly after the ceremony. People are talking about the alleged romantic connection between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper due to their latest roles in A Star Is Born.

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Lady Gaga is already single

Not so long ago, Lady Gaga used to be in a relationship with Christian Carino. However, it doesn’t seem to have worked well. After two years in a relationship, they eventually decided to put an end to their love story this year.

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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: more than just actor-colleagues?

Some of the most devoted fans of the Oscar-winning film noticed that there is something special between the couple that starred in the movie.

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They are rumored to show their affinity for each other not only on stage. In fact, the feelings that they had to act during the film seemed to have transferred into real life.

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Both actors claim to feel mutual admiration. Moreover, Lady Gaga has even called Bradley Cooper "the love of her life."

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Bradley's relationship

While Bradley is currently in romantic affairs with model Irina Shayk, it has been said that it isn’t going well. Apparently, they are going through a relationship crisis.

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Well, can it be the reason to suppose the upcoming changes in the families? Was the staged love strong enough to grow into something real?

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We don’t know what is really happening between Lady Gaga and Bradley, but the alleged relationship looks entirely plausible, doesn’t it? Do you think the story will develop soon? Will they make a good couple? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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