Julio Iglesias Claims That One Of His Grandchildren Didn’t Inherit Anything From The Iglesias Dynasty

Date April 24, 2019

No one can deny that the relationship between father and son is one of the most beautiful in any family. Many parents teach their offspring new things as they grow up, forming a unique and inexplicable bond.

However, this doesn’t seem to be the case between Julio Iglesias and his son, Enrique, who have had quite a distant relationship over the years. Even though in an interview for Spanish People, Julio said he didn’t dislike his son, their relationship is very complicated, and there isn’t much affection between them.


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Also, the senior Spanish singer claimed that his work took away the time necessary for spending with Enrique during his childhood. So, it could be assumed that this distance in the relationship has been ongoing for many more years than you can imagine 


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Julio Iglesias' relationship with his grandchildren

Despite having a conflictive relationship with Enrique, the famous Spanish singer-songwriter takes a few moments to talk about his beautiful grandchildren. 


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In 2017, Enrique Iglesias and Russian model Anna Kúrnikova, who have been in a relationship since 2001, welcomed two children, Lucy and Nicholas.


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Julio hasn’t managed to be a good father during Enrique's childhood, so many media say that the Spanish singer feels similarly cold to his grandchildren. However, for TVyNotas, the 75-year-old singer made it very clear that he does know his grandchildren, although he didn’t indicate if he knew them personally or only through photos.


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In addition, Julio admitted that his grandson Nicholas doesn’t look like his family, because he assures that the boy has inherited all the Russian features of his mother, Anna. As for the granddaughter, Julio affirmed that Lucy has all the genes of the Iglesias clan.

I see a lot of common features in my granddaughter Lucy; in Nicholas, I see more Russian influence.


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Both babies are beautiful

It doesn’t matter who the children resemble more. No one can deny that the babies are too precious for words.


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Enrique and Anna love their kids and regularly share beautiful family moments. Enrique has always devoted much time to their twins, and there is no doubt he is an excellent father. The singer posts numerous photos of his kids on social networks, making his fans feel the tenderness in his family.


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What do you think about the complex relationship between Enrique and his father? Do you believe Enrique will be the same with his children? Share your thoughts in the comments.