Cardi B Faces Backlash In The Comments After Spending $80,000 In Diamonds For Her Daughter

Date May 31, 2019 13:49

Cardi B is one of the most recognized rappers of our time. Her flamboyant and extravagant style and inborn talent for rhymes have earned her millions of followers around the world and hundreds of controversies.


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The Bronx artist had a tough childhood marked by violence and deprivation. Now, since she is finally rich and famous, she is determined to allow herself everything she can afford. Luckily, her successful musical career has made her one of the highest-paid artists of the celebrity world.


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Cardi B has an obsession with jewels and extravagant outfits, where she invests her millions. However, the rapper is also willing to indulge her little daughter Kulture that she has welcomed with another talented rapper Offset.


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Judging from her recent photos on Instagram, Cardi B spent about $80,000 on diamonds for Kulture. When her followers questioned her upbringing methods, she replied that she was free to spend everything she wanted because she works very hard to earn money.


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Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are also accustomed to making expensive purchases to satisfy all their children’s whims. While it is true that everyone is free to spend their money as they please, many question this type of parenting because it is materialistic and rather superficial. Having everything you want, you face the risk of not valuing the really important things.


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What do you think about such an upbringing method? Do you think it's okay for celebrities to squander incredible amounts of money to overload their children with luxuries? Do you think they should focus their education on other values? Share your thoughts in the comments.