There’s Still Hope: The Rescue Operation Of A 2-Year-Old Who Fell Down A 300-Ft Well Continues


January 23, 2019 16:47 By Fabiosa

The rescue operation of a 2-year-old boy who fell down a borehole in the South of Spain has lasted eight days.

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Officials announced that they deployed a vertical drilling machine to make a new shaft parallel to the one into which the toddler allegedly fell and now miners are manually carving a passage to the well.

One of the setbacks was a very hard rock they hit at the depth of about 170 feet.

The coordinator of Julen’s rescue operation, Ángel García Vidal, affirms that the drilling of the vertical tunnel has reached a depth of 148 feet. The remaining 50 feet, “will be covered by the end of this night.”

An engineer in charge of the rescue operation, Ángel García Vidal, estimated that the team would reach the approximate depth of the toddler before Tuesday. And that digging the horizontal tunnel would be the most dangerous part.

A very complex operation

This rescue operation has become a feat of civil engineering, given that under normal circumstances this type of excavation takes months to plan and complete.

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Here is an impressive image of the newspaper Diario Sur, in which I indicated the well in red

You may remember the story of the Thai cave rescue, in which all of the 12 boys and their coach were saved.

How did it happen?

While playing, Julen Rosello fell into a narrow shaft no wider than 12 inches in diameter. The hole, estimated to be around 330 feet deep, was made illegally in an effort to find groundwater.

A camera revealed that the shaft is blocked at the depth of about 230 feet by rocks and debris, which blockage was presumably caused by the toddler’s fall. The media also found out that the Julen’s parents lost another child in 2017 to sudden cardiac arrest.

The vertical tunnel has been completed. It's time for the miners.

I am proud as an Asturian, but even more as a person. #Julen is waiting for you, HEROES

There always should be hope. It is incredible how people came together to rescue this brave little boy. There must be a happy ending to this story. We hope that the boy will be saved soon!

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