Civil Guard Shares A Letter About 10 Days Of Uninterrupted Rescue Work Of The 2-Year-Old Trapped In A Well

Date January 25, 2019 17:09

On January 13, the rescuers started an unprecedented search operation for a lost Spanish child. As it turned out, he was trapped in a well 328 ft deep and only 0.82 ft wide.

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Since the disappearance of Julen Rosello, the entire world has been patiently following what has been happening during his rescue operation. In order to save the unlucky boy, the rescuers came up with an impressive engineering idea of digging a parallel well in record time.

Here is an impressive image from the newspaper South. A red mark is a well where Julen is trapped.

With the normal scenario, this type of excavation would take months to plan and complete, but the team hopes to achieve it in just a few days. In the midst of the operation, a Spanish Civil Guard officer shared his feelings with the world about the process that immediately went viral:

As a Civil Guard officer and as a human, I recognize that my heart hurts when dealing with the first minutes of family members' desperation, but I also felt really excited listening to how quickly and efficiently the entire operation was coordinated.

Later, the officer said that he had never witnessed such a well-executed police and engineering maneuver:

I've been a professional for a short time, but now I feel impressed because of the of the Civil Guard Elite units actions. It was an example of professionalism to see them work coordinated with the experience of firefighters, quarry physicists, engineers, etc.

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The officer continued:

It was incredible how they looked for solutions and made “inventions” to be able to save Julen with the most secure means possible.

While it is true that every hour that passes dramatically reduces the chances of finding Julen alive, the rescue team members’ hopes are still glimmering:

I will never forget the words my comrade told me after three days of uninterrupted work in the well: 'Here we aren’t going to stop until we rescue him. Is that clear?'

Not one of the rescuers seems to care about the pain and physical exhaustion; they are only interested in keeping the boy alive:

We have been working hard for more than a week, and there is no reason to deny it: we find ourselves with injured bodies but strong hearts and will. You can be calm, Spain.

The vertical tunnel has been completed. It's time for the miners to show their skills.

As an Asturian, I am extremely proud, but as a person – even more. Julen is waiting for you, HEROES.

The words of this officer have touched everybody much more than any other official statement. We hope that this nightmare will soon be over, and Julen will finally meet his family. Pray for the poor boy!

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