Indian Bride Shined Bright Wearing So Much Gold On Her Wedding Thar Her Face Was Barely Seen

Date January 9, 2020

All women expect to shine bright like a diamond on their weddings. In the case of famous Indian actress Deepika Padukone, we must admit that she was a hundred times better. The adorable bride used so much gold that her face was barely visible under it.

Deepika Padukone married Ranveer Singh

Indian cinema has been recently improving greatly, with Bollywood becoming nearly as popular as Hollywood. That is why the local actors can afford to lead luxurious lifestyles and to throw golden wedding celebrations.

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are two of the most recognized Indian actors. After 5 years of dating, they finally decided to get married. The couple wanted to make the ceremony unforgettable by showing all the wealth their families are capable of.

Gold is an indispensable component of any Indian wedding. Deepika decided not to limit herself with a few accessories and created a really shiny image, showing off her glitter on the social networks. The costumes, jewelry, prints, and other objects used during the three-day wedding seemed to have been covering Deepika with a golden membrane.

Deepika, one of the most beautiful brides in the world

During the three-day celebration, Deepika looked impeccable and totally radiant. Her three costumes were authentic and embroidered with gold while her hands were covred in henna. All these features made the actress even more adorable, even though she is really beautiful by nature.

The first celebration took place in Italy, another in Bangalore, and the last in Mumbai. During the ceremony, the actress was wearing a magnificent red dress accompanied by so much gold that you can barely see her face in some of the photographs.

Social media users were so impressed with her beauty, and the wedding’s luxury in general, that they created special Twitter hashtags to designate her as the most beautiful bride in the world. Yes, the actress actually looked like a goddess.

Undoubtedly, Deepika didn’t limit herself to gold for her wedding, with all accessories further enhancing her natural beauty. So, she deserves to be called one of the beautiful brides. Do you consider Deepika the most beautiful bride in the world? Maybe you think it was way too much gold?