British Mom Of 10 Children From 5 Different Men Lives On A Government Money For Three Decades And Is Called A "Welfare Queen"

Date October 5, 2019

Mandy Crowie has been dubbed the “Welfare Queen” by internet users. For already three decades, she has welcomed 10 children from 5 different men and isn’t ashamed to brag about it.

The mom of 10 receives more than $34,000 in benefits annually and has invested at least $3,000 in covering much of her body with tattoos. However, there is more to this story.

Welfare queen

She isn’t happy only about milking the government herself but expects her children to do the same and wants to persuade them to follow her example. She says she wants to have 50 grandchildren, even though the reason is really disturbing. Mandy has big dreams and distant goals.

Sadly, she doesn’t want a big family to improve the world, but for her children to enter the system and stand out as the family that benefits the most in the United Kingdom.

10 kids and full of tattoos. So what if I'm on the dole? I had my first one at 18 and my last one at 36, and I’ve told them I want 50 grandkids before I die.

A mother's big dreams

Mandy, who already has 16 grandchildren, visited Britain’s TV show Benefits Britain: Big Family Special, which is about families proud to live on subsidies. However, tattoos aren’t the only thing in which the woman invests taxpayers’ money. Mandy admitted to buying things for her children when she wants to reward them for behaving well or doing the chores, although her lifestyle gives her enough time to do the housework herself.

Maybe people are shocked that I have lived on benefits for so long, but I don’t care. Although some of the pregnancies weren’t planned, I love having a large family. Besides, I probably would have never had a job where I could have earned everything I have now.

After living for three decades on benefits with no education or work experience, Mandy is surely right. She would hardly find a job to earn $34,000 a year. As for her 10 children, only three are now living with her, while the other seven already moved out. With this in mind, the women continue receiving disability benefits, child tax credits, child benefits, as well as unemployment benefits.

Following mama's footsteps

Unfortunately, some of the children actually believe in her methods. Mandy's son, Charlie, prefers to stay at home doing nothing after school, and her daughter, Cristal, is already manipulating the system for benefits. She admits that she has followed her mother’s advice to maximize the subsidy money. In fact, she lives separately with the father of her children to qualify as a beneficiary.

This is an undoubtedly embarrassing story, but Mandy feels pretty fine about this. She is really proud to have been living at the expense of the British government for so many years. Some criticize the existence of such benefits that use taxpayers’ money to cover the expenses of those who have no intention of finding a job and take care of themselves.

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