11 Uses For Dish Soap That May Not Have Occured To Some People

Date February 26, 2018

Our dish washing detergent is definitely an excellent ally for those problems we come across every day. But best of all is that it's not just great for washing dishes. There are so many uses for dish soap that you'll be asking yourself why you didn't know them all before. And here we tell you 11 of them:

1. Shine your jewelry

Just mix mineral water with dish soap and submerge your jewelry for 5 minutes. Clean with a soft toothbrush, rinse with water, and they'll look as good as new.

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2. Keep ants and spiders away

And insect plagues in general. Just spread a little dish soap on doors, windows, and other entries to your house they might be able to use.


3. Trap flies

To get rid of those common house flies in warm weather, just take a container and add an inch of dish soap (preferably with a fruity aroma), add a little water, and put plastic on top. Make some holes in the plastic, and you're done. The flies will be attracted to the soap but won't be able to get out.

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4. Eliminate fleas from your pets

If your pet has fleas, wash them with dish washing detergent; it works better if it has a lemon concentrate. This remedy is actually widely used in vet clinics and dog spas.

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5. Get rid of poison ivy

Simply take a little soap and rub the ivy with it. Of course, do protect yourself with gloves. In a few days, you'll see how it simply dries out or withers away... Goodbye, poison ivy!

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6. Remove grease stains

When you see these horrifying stains, apply a little soap and rub with a toothbrush, rinse with lukewarm water, and no more stains.

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7. Emergency detergent

It can also work in case you've run out of laundry detergent and you need an emergency item of clothing. Of course, it isn't the same thing, but it's perfect to get you out of a tight situation.

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8. Avoid your windows fogging up

Place a little dish soap on a dry cloth and rub the windows you wish to protect and clean. Rub and rub until the soap disappears, and you're done.

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9. Unclog your toilet

If your toilet is backed up, add a good amount of dish soap. Since it's heavier, it will sink to the bottom. Leave it for 20 minutes and add hot water directly to the toilet. Do that slowly, and the stream will open up.

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10. Clean oil stains in your garage or driveway

Especially, if it's concrete. It's common to see these stains which our cars leave behind. Just pour a little dish washing detergent and rub with a non-metal brush, and even the smell will be gone.

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11. Bubbles!

The perfect activity for a weekend with your kids. In a bottle, mix a little dish soap with water and shake well. Make a ring with a wire hanger, or any other shape you can think of, and have fun!

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