118-Year-Old Woman Says Her Belief In God Is Why She Is Still Alive

Date February 27, 2018

An adorable Jamaican woman is now the oldest person in the world. Violet Mosse Brown was born in Trelawney, Jamaica, on March 10, 1900 and has lived there here whole life.

Loop News Group / YouTube

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When she was interviewed by a local newspaper, the women said she doesn't really feel as old as she is and eats almost everything, except pork and chicken. Her favorite foods are fish and lamb, and she says she avoids rum at all costs.

Violet is a faithful believer and always goes to church. She believes her faith in God and her belief in the teachings of the Bible have helped her reach her age.

Violet's eldest son is about to turn 100 and believes he is the oldest person to have a living mother.

Loop News Group / YouTube

This elderly woman managed to succeed an Italian woman, Emma Morano, who was the oldest woman in the world before Violet.

Many of us would love to reach Violet's age, maybe we should start following her advice to achieve such longevity.

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