Girl Lost 75 Pounds By Excluding Just One Product From Her Diet

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This is a story of boundless willpower, perseverance, and self-development that will undoubtedly inspire many people who dream of losing weight and are experiencing difficulties throughout the process.

We are going to tell you about a girl named Katy Hamilton who has suffered from being overweight all her life. Katy's weight-loss journey began when she started at college and began taking part in meetings with people suffering from the same problem. And finally, after a simple diet, she managed to lose 75 pounds and forget about her previous body!

According to Katy, the turning point of her journey was the winter of 2012, which was the time of her first exams. She noticed that she had gained a lot of weight since the first half of her program, as she had been eating fast food, wasn't exercising, and was in a state of constant stress.

a Notre dame tailgate weekend #transformationtuesday this weekend was so much more fun than the past. not because I'm smaller, but because I wasn't trying to pose my way skinnier in every picture (I was rocking TWO spanx tank tops under that shirt trying to smooth myself out), I wasn't fidgeting with my clothes every minute, standing all day and walking around campus wasn't a chore, & I wasn't obsessing over every bite or sip I took! The mental freedom I've found in the years between these pictures is the best #transformation of all!

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One fine day when she was driving back home from her studies, she realized how terrible her body had become and firmly decided to fulfill her life-long dream of buying a two-piece swimsuit and clothes a few sizessmaller.

Katy tried to analyze the reasons she had gained so much weight. And suddenly, she understood that her diet included lots of soda. And the only way out she could see was to forget the existence of soda forever.


" We all have chapters we would rather keep unpublished" between these 2 pictures are lots of mistakes, slips, slides, moments I'd never want to share, feelings I wouldn't wish on an enemy & so much trial and error (like LOTS of getting it wrong trying to figure out how to get it right). This whole process is messy. There are no clear cut answers. It's hard. But that's what makes it so fun, exciting, & beautiful. Don't scroll Instagram assuming people who've made it work didn't struggle. We all struggle every day, week, month, year with SOMETHING. The most rewarding & brave thing to do through it all is to embrace the struggle & STAY. THE. COURSE. #mondaymotivation Uma publicação compartilhada por WODtheFork (@wodthefork) em

Of course, it was difficult at the beginning, but she noticed results in two weeks. Her good mood inspired her to search for a new diet that she could keep to. And again, the results didn't take too long in coming. Shortly after Katy gave up unhealthy food and shifted her diet to good nutrition, she lost 75 pounds! And then, she also got a personal trainer with whom she trained three times a week. This routine helped her get rid of 8.8 pounds every month. 

According to Katy, losing weight is a long, constant process and it's important to do it gradually, without sharp shifts of body weight.

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