Recent Invention Promises To Put An End To The Polluted Air We Breathe

Date November 21, 2017

It is nothing new that increasingly large cities are facing a growing problem: the pollution.

And even though most of the top-ranked cities when it comes to pollution are for some reason located in Asia, it is not difficult to see that other places in the world suffering from the same situation.

Treepex / YouTube

For some people this can be extremely ordinary, a part of their daily lives they have learned how to deal with, but for others it is a real torture that will gradually but surely compromise their health.

A newly developed device, however, promises to purify the air a person breathes. In fact, it is a kind of pacifier that is placed in one’s mouth and acts as a filter, removing impurities from the air you inhale and, consequently, allowing you to breathe in much healthier air.

Known as Treepex, it has a cylindrical shape with a part that can fit under one’s lips.

The company that developed this technological wonder is headquartered in Tbilisi, in Georgia, and they promise that their product was developed on the basis of Crispr technology, which is supposed to extract DNA from trees and create living cells within the device. These cells are, in turn, responsible for cleaning the air.

Do you know what this means? It means the air entering your lungs will always be as pure as possible.

"The device is easy to use, portable and affordable. Imagine you cycle to work, but instead of inhaling all the exhaust smoke from the cars around you, you can breathe fresh air," explained one of the creators of the product.

So, what do you think of this idea?