Teacher Dresses As A Cleaning Lady To Teach Students To See The Whole Picture

Date November 17, 2017 14:59

During the first philosophy class of the agronomy course in the Federal Institute of the Sertão Pernambucano, Petrolina (PE), Brazil, the students had a surprise that made them think.

When they entered the classroom, the students did not find the teacher, but a cleaning lady who was only doing her job. Outraged by the teacher's delay, the students began to complain and it was then that the cleaning lady started talking to them.

"What class are you going to watch now? What is philosophy?" these were some of the questions asked by the "cleaning lady." Without knowing the true identity of their interlocutor, the students said things like, "Philosophy is a useless subject for a course of agronomy," or "This class only serves to make us repeat it."

It was when the cleaning lady revealed herself as the teacher Edenise Glaucia Guedes and began to explain why she was dressed like that. The idea was to address the importance of what is often invisible to the eyes of society.

"Here, at the institution, the cleaning staff is wonderful, but the students pass by and run into them, and do not even realize it. I drew attention to this [matter]," said the teacher.

According to Edenise, it is important to provide students the knowledge of the books, but taking the issue to their daily routine is essential for learning. "Philosophy is thinking, questioning, and perceiving the world around us; when we put the thinkers into real life situations, then the cycle is complete," she said.

The story of the "cleaning lady" went viral on the internet and Edenise is thinking about repeating the "prank" and record new similar experiments.

Source: Hypeness

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