Studio Creates Tetris-Shaped Hotel, And It Is An Absolute Success At Design Week In The Netherlands

Date November 21, 2017

As the years pass by and cities grow and develop, urban spaces are more and more taken up by houses and apartments. While this is a problem for some people, it is a huge opportunity for architects and designers to show their talent and develop innovative solutions to optimize those spaces and create true modern accommodations.

The Dutch studio MVRDV does exactly that. The company is renowned for always being successful in delivering innovative and smart designs. Naturally, they didn’t take long to begin developing futuristic designs and mostly in places with very limited space for building.

The latest apple of the company’s eye was a project aimed at creating a colorful hotel whose shape and design would be strongly reminiscent of the game Tetris, with a futuristic feel and composed of nine different types of accommodations. In order to create each one of these, the professionals at the studio had to thoroughly consider the characteristics of the guests that a certain wing would accommodate: large families, couples, students, and other types of people.

This brainstorming process gave birth to (W)ego, which is on display at 2017 Dutch Design Week in the city of Eindhoven, and it is already making a splash among patrons of the event.

Different colors were designated for each set of rooms: purple (for people who carry too much luggage along, so there are plenty of shelves in the rooms), green (a room for those who like hammocks), pink (which are suites), and bright yellow (which is the attic).

Check out some photos of the project:

Here (w)ego again! You can still check out the (w)ego-pavilion in Eindhoven until next Sunday at the DDW. Picture by Ossip. #mvrdv #t?f #dutchdesignweek #eindhoven #microhouse #ladder #ossipvanduivenbode #colourful #hotel #puzzle

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