4 Daily Attitudes That May Help Prevent Global Pollution


November 21, 2017 09:31 By Fabiosa

Global pollution is a problem that must be solved as soon as possible, and you may ask yourself whether you can do anything about it.

Well, you can. And we are not talking about something that requires a great deal of effort. We have prepared a compilation of little things you can do to help the environment and help prevent this serious problem from growing even more uncontrollable as time passes.

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1. Decrease your consumption of plastic products

One of the greatest villains for our planet is cheap to make and extremely useful. However, plastic takes centuries to degrade naturally, which ends up generating garbage on top of garbage. In other words, avoid using products made of plastic or with plastic packaging.

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2. Recycle

Recycling is not something only hippies do. The more people separate their garbage for recycling, the less raw materials will be required to be extracted from nature in order to satisfy human consumerism.

3. Properly dispose of cooking  oil

Everybody knows that oil and water don't mix, right? Regardless, they are still constantly found together, so to speak.

Do not dispose of cooking oil down the drain: sooner or later it will end up reaching the drinkable water supply network. Discard it properly.

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4. Do not dispose of unused medication by flushing it down the toilet

Some people think that discarding unused medication by flushing it down the toilet is a good idea. In fact, it is a horrible idea since the sewer network can easily contaminate the drinking water supply. The less chemical waste is discarded in the sewers, the easier it is to clean and purify it.

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