Indian Man Saved Up For 10 Years In Order To Buy An Ambulance To Save Animals

Date November 21, 2017

Unfortunately, the increasing number of abandoned animals is a harsh reality in the world we live in today. But fortunately, people like Balu, an Indian citizen, are an example of compassion with these helpless pets.

He spent more than 10 years saving up all the money he could manage to do without so that he could afford to buy an ambulance and set out to save animals.

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Balu says that he used to be terribly afraid of dogs before he started working with these animals, but the job eventually showed him dogs are overflowing with love to give and, thus, that he did not need to fear them.

With his wife’s help, he has been rescuing dogs and cats who have been abandoned in the streets so that they can be treated by veterinarians.

The cost of the service is covered with the help of people who have come into contact with Balu to inform him of any animals that might need medical care.

He charges about 16 Rupees, or approximately twenty-five cents, for every kilometer he has to drive looking for the animal.

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The rescued animals are then taken to an NGO, although they may be taken to their savior's home when there is no room for them at the NGO shelter. Balu receives a daily allowance of about 300 rupees (about U$4.65) in support of his initiative.

Even with the help from his contributors and from a lot of people who admire his initiative, Balu says he has received several complaints from his neighbors on account of the noise and the smell. He has even been harassed and verbally abused due to his work.

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This is my life now, and I cannot leave them behind. I will continue doing this forever,” he says.

Balu is a source of inspiration, and more people should follow his example.