6 Types Of Body Fat And Their Functions

Date November 23, 2017 12:26

People mistakenly believe that fat is something bad but, as it turns out, fat is not always the villain. Very low levels of fat can be as bad for our health as high levels since our bodies need fat in the right measure. Learn more about 6 types of body fat and the functions of each one:

1. Essential fat

As implied by its name, this fat is essential for life and regulates body temperature, absorption of vitamins, cellular structure, and the production of hormones. To ensure good health, it should be between 10 and 13% in our body.

2. White fat

The reason this fat has this name is, as you might have guessed, that it is literally white. This one is the unwanted fat around the waist. Its function is to turn calories into fatty cells fulfilling the body's energy reservoirs. When you have this fat in excess, it compromises the body's satiety mechanisms and triggers hunger.

3. Beige fat

Beige fat burns calories to maintain body temperature and is created from white fat when the body undergoes some stress, such as physical activity. Therefore, it is a weapon in the fight against overweight and obesity.

4. Subcutaneous fat

This fat is located directly under the skin. As it is subcutaneous, this fat is not as harmful as the other types, however, it still needs to be controlled through exercise and diet.

5. Brown fat

This fat stimulates the body to use energy as it burns calories to generate heat. It has been proven that cold environments increase the activity of brown fat causing it to burn white fat stocks more efficiently.

6. Visceral fat

This is white fat and it deposits between the organs. This fat is considered quite dangerous because it is associated with an increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart attack, and stroke. To combat it, you need to control your daily calorie intake, eat whole grains and unsaturated fats, and avoid or completely remove processed foods from your diet.

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