How Much Exercise It Takes To Burn The Calories Gained During Year-End Festivities

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November 24, 2017 17:01 By Fabiosa

You have probably heard the famous phrase: “That which fattens you is not what you eat between Christmas and the New Year, but what you eat between the New Year and Christmas.”

Despite the truth of this statement, it is not cool to indulge during the end-of-the-year festivities and render all the effort you made during the previous months a waste of time. /

However, if you want to celebrate the end of the year without restrictions, what about finding out how much exercise you will need to do to burn the extra calories gained during this period of celebration? So, let's check it out!

You will find out how long you should exercise after consuming a certain amount of food, particularly those special recipes that we only see at Christmas and the New Year:

  • 3 medium baked potatoes (400 calories) = 40 minutes of сrossfit;
  • 3 slices of turkey (90 calories) = 20 minutes of casual cycling;
  • 1 piece of French toast (155 calories) = 30 minutes of yoga;
  • Rice with raisins (45 calories) = 5 minutes squatting;
  • 1 slice of panettone 
  • 1 glass of champagne (85 calories) = 8 minutes jumping rope.

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Is it possible for us to eat more sensibly now that we have seen this list? Do not despair, though, there are also other things that help us prevent gaining unwanted weight in times like these:

  1. Sleep: Studies show that sleeping less than seven hours makes people consume, on average, 385 calories more;
  2. Drink plenty of water: Water soothes one’s stomach and causes a feeling of being sated. Also, a dehydrated person has a greater desire to eat;
  3. Pay attention to portion sizes: Consume small portions. You do not need to make up for everything you did not eat during the year.

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And remember: Always pay attention to your body and control your anxiety levels. Do not eat only on euphoria. And, finally, don't forget to enjoy the party too!

Source: Daily Mail UK

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