4 Types Of Cancer That Have A High Chance Of Being Cured If Diagnosed Early

Date December 4, 2017

It is clear that an early diagnosis of any disease always increases the chances of being cured, however, for some illnesses, this is an essential factor for the successful treatment and total recovery of the patient.

Cancer is one of the diseases in which if diagnosed early significantly increases the likelihood of a cure.

There are four types of cancers for which the identification of the disease in its early stages is very important for the recovery of a patient's health.

1. Breast cancer

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Breast cancer, when detected at its early stage, has a 95% chance of being cured, so it is imperative to get into the habit of self-examination, regularly consult with a gynecologist and have a mammogram at least once a year.

The main ways to diagnose breast cancer are self-examination and mammography, however, there are complementary tests that may help with the disease's diagnosis.

A breast ultrasound is a procedure that can be carried out in case there are doubts in the mammography examination and women in the risk group (family history and development of previous cancer) can have magnetic resonance imaging with contrast, and BRCA 1 and BRCA genetic mapping, which analyze the likelihood of developing the disease.

2. Prostate cancer

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According to Inca (National Cancer Institute) prostate cancer is the second most common cancer among men in Brazil.

When diagnosed with stage 1, the disease has an 80-90% recovery rate, but if detected in an advanced stage, the chances decrease dramatically to 10-20%.

This is why it is essential for men to have yearly consultations with the urologist and take a blood test called PSA and have a rectal examination.

3. Ovarian cancer

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Ovarian cancer is a silent disease that is usually discovered in its advanced stage, but if diagnosed early it has an 83% chance of being cured.

The condition does not usually show symptoms in its initial stage, although it is important to be aware if there is an increase in abdominal volume, urinary disorders, abdominal pain and bleeding.

A combination of blood and imaging tests is necessary to make the diagnosis, so it is important to have an annual consultation with the gynecologist.

4. Leukemia

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This type of cancer, which attacks the white blood cells, if diagnosed early, has an 83% chance of being cured.

Leukemia more usually affects the young population and its main symptoms are excessive tiredness, bruises for no apparent reason, anemia, canker sores and red patches on the skin.

Periodic medical consultations and an annual checkup can detect the disease early through a series of blood tests.

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