7 Ways On How One Might Use An Ordinary Blackboard Chalk


December 1, 2017 18:18 By Fabiosa

Blackboard chalk is an item people usually underestimate or do not even think much about. However, it may be useful in many situations outside the classroom, but very few people know about that, so we will share with you this information.

All you need is a good old chalk and a bit of imagination. So, let's check the possibilities.

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1. It keeps insects away

The chalk has a composition that causes discomfort to some insects (such as cockroaches, ants, and termites), namely a talc powder. Drawing lines at specific points where these insects usually appear will keep them away.

2. It helps you decorate

Are you still unsure where to place the furniture in your new place or how to renovate it for the sake of change? Take the necessary measurements and use the chalk to draw the “furniture” in place. It is easier to clean up later rather than drag your furniture back and forth.

3. It controls the moisture levels in your closet

Wrap the chalk in plastic bags. Make some holes in the bag, and you will have an excellent absorbent to protect your clothes from fungi and mold caused by humidity.

4. Grease stains? Use chalk!

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If you leaned on one of those sliding metal gates and ended up with grease on your clothes, you don’t need to throw them away. All you have to do is to use white chalk to rub on the stain. Then, wash it and leave to dry.

5. It prevents rust

In fact, this is the same thing described in item number "4". If you use the same procedure on tools or in places where metal is stored, it diminishes the chances of the material becoming rusty.

6. Perfect fingernails

Applying a little bit of chalk dust on your fingernails with a small brush and massaging it slowly is a procedure that leaves your fingernails shining.

7. It hides scratches on walls

Are there cracks or scratches on your walls? Use chalk of the same color, and the problem will appear to disappear. It is a quick fix that works very well!

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Now, you know some of the properties of the common chalk, all you have to do is use it! Do you know any other useful purposes for blackboard chalk? Let us know in the comments below!

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