Young Woman Diagnosed With Early Menopause Manages To Fall Pregnant With Twins Thanks To Her Sister's Donation

Date December 11, 2017 17:19

They say that the first true friendship we have in life is with our brothers. And that affective and blood bonds can often save our lives. No matter how far we are from them, whenever brothers and sisters see each other, it is pure love. There may be quarrels and arguments but, in the end, everything works out; the story of two Australian sisters is proof of this.

Amber was a young woman full of plans to start a family until she was diagnosed with a rare case of early menopause at the age of 23.

In order to stick to their plan of raising a family, she and her husband, Chris, had to try artificial insemination several times, but it didn't work. As if her condition was not enough, Amber discovered, after some time, that she had a cyst on one of her Fallopian tubes. Because of this, she had to undergo surgery, which ended up causing her ovaries to stop working.

That was when the sibling love showed up.

When Amber shared all her anxieties and frustrations with her sister, Taylor, she received an irrefutable and generous offer from her sister: the donation of her eggs.

After many therapy and counseling sessions, Taylor underwent a lengthy process of medication and made the donation.

And it did not take long for Amber to finally fulfill her dream of being a mother. On the second attempt, she received the good news: she was pregnant!