True Kindness: 7-Year-Old Girl Teaches Her Nanny How To Read And Write

Date December 25, 2017

It is difficult to survive in today’s society when one has even a minor disadvantage. For illiterate people, everything is more complicated. Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to go to school and learn the basics: reading and writing.

This is Celanira’s case. She is a regular babysitter to a 7-year-old girl Aline. Or rather, she used to be! The girl volunteered to do one of the kindest things imaginable to Celanira, something that could only come from the heart of a pure and innocent child: teach her nanny how to read and write.

Aline is from Santa Catarina, south of Brazil, and had herself just learned the letters. The 55-year-old nanny was 54 when classes started, and she really applied herself to learn what Aline had to teach. Everything started on the day Celanira da Silva found a notebook on the street and could not understand what was written in it.

"Aline asked if I wanted her to teach me. I said, of course…" the nanny told G1, proud of having gradually become literate.

Routine of studies

Things are well-organized. Aline stipulated a schedule for Celanira, and they are relentless in following it. Classes begin before the nanny attends to her domestic chores. Each class is 30 minutes long, and they take place from Monday to Friday in Aline’s room.


The little has a blackboard to illustrate things that Celanira needs to learn. After about a year of classes, will there be results? Certainly! The nanny can already read, and she practices by reading the Bible. She said, "I want both to read the Bible and get a driver's license."

Can you guess what Aline's mother does for a living? If you guessed "teacher", you nailed it! And it is logical that the proud mother is an inspiration for the little girl, who has already shown a gift for teaching.


When Aline was asked about her future profession, she did not even blink, "I think I'm going to be a teacher. And I'm going to have more students, not just one."

How cute! Once again, this kid is a true example of how we should act with those in need.

Source: Source: Inspirandoo

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