80-Year-Old Grandmother Sold All Her Assets To Start An Adventure

Date January 16, 2018

For many people, life ends when they become old. It's an idea which is culturally ingrained in us: old people don't produce anything and become passive beings, waiting for death's call. In fact, old age brings about retirement and removal from public life. In summary: people stop existing. But this is just one version of old age, based on a superficial vision in which the only useful thing we bring to society is "production". Well, there are many ways of being useful and remaining active.

This is Sara, she's almost 80-year-old woman who refuses to let go of her dreams because society considers that at her age, she should be occupied with her grandchildren, home, and kitchen.

Sara is from Buenos Aires and has decided that her great desire is to travel the South American continent in a motor home.

To make her dream come true, Sara sold her home, car, and all of her belongings. With the money she made, she bought a motor home. Against the will of her children and other family members, Sara set off on the longest and most enjoyable trip of her life.

She has reached several different countries, among them Uruguay and Brazil, but still has many miles to go and more countries to visit.

It all began one day, while she was talking with a friend who stirred the curiosity inside her. That close friend told her: “You've done it all, but you've never traveled in a motor home.” And, of course, she hadn't, but that didn't mean that “her moment to do so had gone”.

Experience has no expiry date. It isn't a target: We acquire it during any moment in life, because all we need is to be alive and willing to undertake it.

Sara has shown us that there are no limits nor fixed moments to realize our dreams. It's about having the courage to make them come true.

Source: Source: 80 años no son nada / Facebook

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