How Long Can One Leave A Dog Alone? A Specialist Answers To This Question

Date January 22, 2019

When it comes to our dogs, it can be hard to leave them alone at home when they look at us with those big, sad eyes. However, sometimes, it isn't practical or even possible to play with them during the whole day.

So, when we leave our dogs alone at home, keeping in mind that they're animals that need lots of love, affection, food, and water, for how long can we do that?

Tamsin Durston, an animal trainer from the Dogs Trust Dog School, explains that dogs shouldn't be left alone for more than three or four hours. However, this time also depends on the breed of your pet.

Just like humans, some dogs are fine, while others need more company. So, it really depends on the individual and if the dog has been trained to be alone since they're a puppy.

Training your dog to be independent from an early age means they can better deal with being alone. It's a gradual process that should be done in stages, instead of simply leaving them alone for a few hours.

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Tips for leaving dogs at home

Make sure that your dog is mentally and physically tired when you leave it.

When you leave, your dog should have already gone for a walk, been fed, and ready to rest. Don't wake up in the morning, then let your dog out for a few minutes, and then go to work.

Don't leave the TV or radio turned on.

Some people are used to doing this, but it isn't the best idea because the TV can scare or confuse your dog, like when the doorbell rings. Plus, think about the potential risks of fire and environmental damage as a result of leaving the set turned on for hours. Not to mention that you don't want a pet that will depend on constant sound stimulation. What if there's a power cut?

Leave toys and objects to chew in order to keep your pet occupied.

Dog toys are quite useful for keeping your pet occupied during your absence.

Keep in contact.

Technological advances allow us to communicate with our pets even when we're not with them. Pet cameras offer not only the opportunity to calm your four-legged friend with your voice but also to follow their behavior and reward them with treats or game time.

In summary, it isn't fair to leave a dog alone for more than four hours. If you have to, either you, a friend or a dog walker should split up the time and give them a nice walk and some attention in the middle of the day.

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