Brazilian TV Presenter And Actor Loses 165 Lbs In 4 Years And Says That It Saved His Life

Date January 29, 2018

I did not undergo surgery to become thin. I did it to be healthy.

This is the phrase that the charismatic Brazilian TV presenter and actor André Marques has to say in almost every interview. In November 2013, he underwent a surgical procedure to reduce the size of his stomach. Since then, four years have passed, and André has gone from 352 lbs to 190 lbs.

However, the extreme loss of weight - which shocks many people - was not exclusively due to the bariatric surgery; the surgery was the door to a healthier and more regulated life. The TV presenter completely changed his routine and started taking care of himself again.

André completely reduced his portions, added many physical exercises to his new nutritious life causing the eternal Mocotó (role he played when making part in the Brazilian teen soap opera Malhação) to dry.

To the edition of the Brazilian magazine Trip, Marques said he was thin and became fat. He tried all the possible ways of losing weight that he could. Without being successful, he chose bariatric surgery.

There are people who say, 'With weight loss surgery, it is easy'. [...] I would love to lose weight without undergoing surgery; I have tried for eight years and had no results. [...] I do not advocate the surgery. Anything you ask, that you talk about, I already tried. Spa, the diet of glass of water under the sink, one day only egg, another day only broccoli, liposuction, but the most important thing is to take care of the head.

The decision to lose weight came from the signs that everything was going wrong. André already found it difficult to breathe and even to see.

There were several signs. My vision became a little blurred. But I thought the degree of the eyeglasses had changed. I went to have an examination and the doctor said no. He told me to measure the blood glucose. It was three hundred and something, the normal [level] is 110. That was affecting my vision. I was always tired, puffy.

Today, at the age of 38 and with his body remembering the one he had when he started working on TV, André is hyper-attentive to all the processes, and he takes care not to get fat. Very proud of the result, he admits that he suffered a lot of bullying for being obese and even after losing weight, he still hears criticism.

I have been hearing some people saying, 'You are too skinny', 'You look like you are sick', and I laughed.

Amazing transformation and determination, isn't it?