Woman Couldn't Overcome Cancer, But She Did Make Her Dream Come True By Marrying The Love Of Her Life

Date January 18, 2018

Every year, cancer takes more than 8 million lives around the world, according to official statistics from the World Health Organization.

Nobody ever expects it, but it turns out that this illness, when not discovered or treated for a long time, consumes the patient suffering from it. And we can't deny that it's a painful period, which nobody deserves to go through. But unfortunately, it's something that may happen.

Heather Mosher's story is heartbreaking. She's a young woman who was diagnosed with one of the most aggressive types of cancer - triple-negative breast cancer. Just 9 months after being diagnosed, the cancer had developed rapidly, meaning she had to be hospitalized right away.

After learning the terrible news, David, her boyfriend, decided to ask her to marry him. He did that to make her happy during her last days and make her dream come true. Although, the amazing part is that he asked her to marry him on the same day they found out about the terminal disease.

A photographer friend, Christina Lee, decided to record the emotional moment. The wedding took place in the hospital room, and the waiting room was filled with family members who cried upon witnessing such an emotional and raw moment.

The photographer wrote a few beautiful words about the moment:

She gained her wings. One of my dearest friends got married last Friday to the man of her dreams. She had been fighting cancer and was in the fourth stage of the illness, which unfortunately metastasized. However, she decided to follow through with her dream of marrying the love of her life.

Unfortunately, 18 hours after her wedding, Heather passed away. Her husband left these sweet words:

She lived longer than anybody thought she could and overcame it because she made sure we fulfilled our dream of getting married. She's the strongest person I've known.

It may be a heartbreaking story, but the moral is that love can overcome anything, and there are no obstacles that can prevent love from finding happiness.

We wish Heather's soul rest in eternal peace, and we're sure that her family members and friends will always remember her.

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