Statue Of Jesus Christ Extends Its Arms In The Depths Of The Sea

Date January 18, 2018

In the depths of San Fruttuoso Bay, in the Gulf of Genoa, Italy, hides a mysterious statue that has been recorded as one of the most amazing and beautiful mysteries in the world.

It's the Christ of the Abyss, a bronze sculpture from 1954, which has captured the attention of the whole world. Therefore, another 3 copies of it have been submerged in the waters of the Caribbean and Florida.

It's situated at a depth of 56 feet and was made by Guido Galletti, in honor of Dario Gonzatti, a diving pioneer who died at sea in an accident.

It has a height of over 8 feet and in order to make it, metal pieces were donated by sailors in the region, such as submarine propellers, ship bells, and even medals.

The installation took place on August 22, 1954 by divers from the Italian Navy, and since then, it has only risen to the surface once in 2003 to be restored.

It's definitely an attraction worth seeing. Being underneath the water and with the reflection of the sun's rays, it gives a unique perspective of Christ.

Would you dare to dive to the depths to see this mystical statue?

Source: Source: Italy Villas, Today / Facebook

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