One Of Lady Diana's Wishes Was For Her Daughters-In-Law To Inherit Her Jewelry, And Now Kate Shows Them Off

Date January 19, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge is always compared to Princess Diana. After all, being part of the Royal Family means that you will always be observed. And what has been noticed over the years is that they're both very similar, from their fashion sense and even their taste in jewelry. That's why we're not surprised that Kate is frequently photographed wearing jewelry she has inherited from Diana.


In fact, Diana's wish was for her daughters-in-law to wear her jewelry. The Princess' would state:

But I would like for my jewelry to remain in the inheritance of my sons, so that their wives, when they have them, can use them. I leave the precise distribution of my jewelry to their discretion.

The engagement ring


Prince Charles gave Diana the ring designed by the House of Garrard in 1981. It is made with a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire surrounded by a group of diamonds mounted on white gold. Once Prince William was ready to ask Kate to marry him, he chose this family heirloom as the engagement ring.

The tiara


The "Lover's Knot" tiara was made in 1914 with diamonds and pearls belonging to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II gave it to Diana as a wedding gift. Once Kate joined the family, she inherited the jewel and has used it on several formal occasions, including the annual diplomatic reception in 2015.



Of course, Princess Diana was a fan of sapphires, and these earrings were her favorites. In 2010, William gave them to Kate, who modernized them by transforming them into teardrops. The earrings match perfectly with her engagement ring.

The bracelet


Diana's pearl bracelet was designed by Nigel Milne in 1988. However, it wasn't as iconic as other pieces in her jewelry collection. This meant the jeweler was surprised when he saw Kate wearing the bracelet at a Clarchens Ballhaus reception in Berlin, on the final night of her royal tour of Germany in July, 2017.


Apart from Diana's extensive collection, Kate has been given other pieces of jewelry from other family members, including a gold bracelet with a "C" engraved on both sides of a coin, which was a wedding gift from Camilla Parker Bowles, her mother-in-law. Camilla wears a similar bracelet on her wrist.


Kate has also been lent jewelry on several occasions, including the "Halo" diamond from Cartier, which she wore at her wedding and several brooches that belong to the Queen.

How lucky you are, Kate! And we must admit that those precious jewels look amazing on you!

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