YouTuber reports despair at losing her hair after using hair products

Date February 4, 2018

YouTube is currently one of the main channels for ordinary people to share tips on make-up, fashion and beauty in general. It was only natural that it became a sort of cradle from whence several Internet celebrities emerged. The videos and stories published on the platform are not always successful and glamorous stories, though. Sometimes, some posts have quite disastrous ends. That's what happened to YouTuber Hanna Forcier.

On her channel on the video platform, the girl posted a video called "How all my hair fell out by making one mistake", in which she recounts the drama that she went through.

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In her post, the YouTuber says that a year before she had the idea of ​bleaching her hair for the first time, and then dying it pink. Only things did not turn out exactly as she had planned. In order to have it bleached, Hanna bought a product to relax and moisturize her hair. After applying the chemicals, she brushed her hair and waited for the allotted time to rinse it out. Only when she started to wash her hair, Hanna realized something strange was happening

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To her despair, she realized her hair was falling out. She ran her hands over her head and felt as the strands fell and, the more she rinsed the product off, the more her hair fell out. She felt utter despair.

As soon as she managed to dry herself, Hanna ran into a salon to try to save what was left of her hair. But it was too late and the professionals could do nothing for her.

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Unfortunately, she learned in the worst possible way that one should not use certain hair products at home, relaxers in particular, and that bleaching can be dangerous, too.

Hanna did not say mention which product brand she used, but there is a warning there for everyone.

Fonte: Cosmopolitan