Sports Presenter Received 365 Support Messages (1 A Day) From His Fan While Mourning His Late Wife

Date February 6, 2018 13:07

Sports presenter Simon Thomas has recently shared an incredible experience: He received unwavering support from a complete stranger for 365 days of his life.

Simon, 44, confessed that he was extremely moved by such an act of kindness, which began after said stranger noticed that Simon was doing something similar with his eight-year-old son, Ethan.

The presenter lost his wife, Gemma, 40, in November. She had gone to the hospital three times with flu-like symptoms, and died four days later of leukemia.

Simon had posted a picture of the “snack notes”: short messages he left in his son’s lunchbox every day. "Know that all the heaven is cheering you on today. Simon,” he wrote on one of the messages.

But, one day, the presenter himself began to receive messages. In a new post, Simon wrote, "Today’s #snacknote is a bit different. Since Gemma went I have been so moved by the support and messages I get from people on here, people I haven’t even met, yet people who care about me and what I’m going through.

He then revealed the generous act of a completely unfamiliar person: “A guy called Dan Ritchie, who I have yet to meet (but will) had seen my notes for Ethan and felt I needed some too, to encourage me and help me keep going when I feel like giving up. So he’s written me a daily note too - for every single day of the coming year! That’s #lightinthedarkness right there.”

A reflective start to the day.

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The post became viral very quickly, and Simon received even more messages of support. "Such a kind and altruistic gesture makes us recover our faith in humanity," wrote one of the presenter’s followers.

My world. ❤️

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Simon said that he started to receive the messages shortly after he posted what he had written to Ethan that day. "My boy - you're better! Whoppee! Do more today and this week of what makes you awesome! Love you so much! Daddy.”

Eight weeks without her.

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The presenter routinely posts about his struggle, about the longing he feels for his wife, and receives the support of thousands of people who sympathize with his pain. And so he moves on, leaning on the support of those who stand beside him to keep on walking.

Source: Daily Mail