It's Not A Myth: Firefighters Warn About The Danger Of Leaving The Cell Phone Near The Bed

Date February 9, 2018

The vast majority of people have a habit of leaving the cell phone to charge near or even on the bed at night. They to that either be sure to hear the alarm in the morning or to hear incoming messages. However, this is an attitude that can be quite dangerous.

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An alert by Newton's fire department in Massachusetts in the United States showed how such a tiny thing could cause a major accident.

The corporation has published a series of images showing the damage caused by the habit of leaving cellphone near your bed to charge. According to the post, the heat produced by the device cannot dissipate, and with the heating of the charger, the pillow or sheet can catch fire.

The warning also says that according to a survey, 53% of children and adolescents have a habit of putting mobile phones and tablets under the pillow, which makes the risk of accidents even greater.

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The fire department also says in its publication that such an accident may hurt not only you but also recommends people quit doing so and share this information with your friends and family.

The recommendation seems to be working since the publication had more than 38,000 shares. So, remember you too, do not leave your cellphone in the socket too close to the bed and let your friends know to do the same.

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