5 Explanations For Excess Weight On Specific Body Parts

Date February 12, 2018

Several factors cause obesity. If you have some excess weight, find out which group you fit in and, most importantly, how to deal with the problem:

1. Obesity caused by improper diet

The most common type of obesity is when people gain weight from the chin area down to the hip line, which includes the chest, abdomen, neck, back, and arms. Excessive consumption of sugar and fatty foods is the cause of this problem. To prevent it, do physical exercises and decrease the consumption of sweets and fats.

2. Obesity caused by anxiety, depression, or stress

Excess weight in this case seems to form a cushion around the waist, including the back and abdomen. People often eat too many sweets to soothe their psychological problems. Self-control is key to combatting this problem. Do not let your mood affect your eating habits.

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3. Obesity caused by gluten

This type of obesity is characterized by fat deposits in the thighs and buttocks and is most common in women during menopause, adolescence, or during a hormonal imbalance. Physical activity can help a lot, and a sedentary lifestyle should be left behind - that includes alcohol and smoking as well.

4. Obesity caused by slow metabolism

This type of obesity affects the stomach. The sensation is of a balloon filled with air trapped inside the stomach. People who have difficulty breathing are more vulnerable. It is recommended to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

5. Obesity caused by genetic inheritance

This type of obesity affects the buttocks and ankles. Genetics cannot be overcome by changes in lifestyle.

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