Opal Hair: The Hair Color Trend Inspired By Precious Stones Adopted By Many Fashionistas

Date February 12, 2018 16:25

2018 has barely begun and a new trend in the world of hair coloring is already taking the fashion world by storm.

It has been dubbed opal hair. Also called mother-of-pearl, this dye color is inspired by the precious stones of the same name and tries to imitate the multicolored and polychromatic iridescence of the rocks.

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An evolution of the already popular pastel hues, this latest color combination is an excellent option for those people who have tired of the usual lighter colors and want to add a touch of daring to their look.

The color is also a good choice for people who want to have colorful, but discreet, locks instead of giving off that teen unicorn look.

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In order to achieve the desired result, grayish pastel dyes are applied after bleaching but left to rest for a shorter time so that a pearlescent effect can be achieved. Only then are colors added.

Colors range from shades of blue, violet, pink, green, and turquoise; they may be brighter or lighter, depending on how long the dye is left on the hair.

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So, would you like to start the new year with a different and modern look?

Look for a good professional and dive headfirst into the latest fashion of some of the most daring celebrities.

Source: Nova Cosmopolitan

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