5-Year-Old Girl Surprises Everyone By Singing Frank Sinatra Songs

Date February 26, 2018 10:11

Can you imagine a one-year-old baby who loves Frank Sinatra songs? Now picture this baby humming excerpts from the songs of this American icon.

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This was Sophie Fatu almost four years ago. Today, the girl, who is only five years old, is becoming viral with her videos where she sings Frank Sinatra's greatest hits.

The little one is a big fan of the star and knows all his song lyrics, and they are not few; Frank Sinatra recorded more than 50 albums.

A post shared by Sophie Fatu (@sophiefatu) on

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She loves to sing the songs and her mother posts her videos on a YouTube channel that already has almost 70,000 subscribers.

Even though Sophie does not have a favorite song, her version of Fly Me To The Moon, certainly has been conquering the audiences combined with her beautiful voice.

Judging by Sophie's faces while she sings the songs of her idol, we can say she has a great future in showbiz as, besides singing, the little one is also a model and actress.

See this girl sing and you will fall in love with Sophie Fatu.

Source: Altamente, Yahoo

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