Pain In The Sole Of The Foot Can Be A Sign Of At Least 5 Health Problems

Date March 15, 2018

A pain in the soles of the feet soon after waking up and getting out of bed is much more common than we imagine. It may be related to wearing inappropriate shoes, especially for women. However, discomfort in this region can also be a sign of other health problems. Check out the main ones:

1. Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia pain usually affects the bones of the metatarsal (the region close to the toes), but it can also occur in the soles of the feet. This unpleasant condition may appear after wearing shoes that impair this region or following excessively intense physical exercises. In the case of strong pain and inflammation, the patient should take medications or do physiotherapy to relieve the discomfort and lessen the pain.

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2. Plantar fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis is nothing less than an inflammation of the fibrous tissue that begins at the heel and runs up to the toes. This condition is very common among people who stand for long periods of time or practice high impact sports. The most discomfort is usually felt early in the morning after waking up. This occurs because the plantar fascia region does not stretch during the night causing pain in the first steps of the day.

3. Sesamoiditis

The sesamoid bones are close to the big toes and are connected only by a tendon. Sesamoiditis occurs when the tissue swells and the person suffers from pain in the sole of the foot.

4. Fallen arch of the foot

A fallen arch of the foot happens in the inner part of the foot and can cause pain in the sole of the foot as well. If this is your problem, you might have to see an orthopedist or physiotherapist.

5. Heel Spur

The calcaneus is the largest foot bone, and it is located in the posterior part of the foot. Sometimes, a bony bulge grows in it and it hurts when we put our feet on the ground.

To avoid foot pain, follow the treatments recommended by your physiotherapist. Do not wear shoes that are too flexible or flat. Also, try to avoid wearing high heels too often, stretch and maintain the right weight for your height.

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