Compadres For Life: 4 Furry Friends Wouldn’t Leave The Hospital Door As Their Homeless Master Was Taken In

Date December 19, 2018 11:38

They say that humans are the most evolved species. In terms of intelligence, perhaps. But there are other creatures who are certainly more capable of unconditional love.

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Among them, there are dogs, who always put loyalty first, regardless of circumstance.

The following story is about Cézar Gonçalves, who lives on the streets of the city of Rio do Sul, Brazil. On December 9, he got sick and ended up at Hospital Regional Alto Vale.

What moved the hospital staff and patients was Cézar's persistent visitors – Bebê, Nick, Menina, and Tico. The four canine companions have never left their master's side and no hospital would change that.

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The four compadres were on duty 24 hours a day and did not leave the hospital door for a minute, awaiting Cézar's return.

The pack was filmed and posted by employee Cris Mamprim and soon went viral:

With so many bad people around, I came across this scene today, at 3 am, while their owner, a street dweller, was being attended to.

– she wrote.

She also mentioned Cézar confessed that he had deprived himself of food so he could give feed his canine friends.

Seeing them like this, at the door, just shows how much they are loved and well cared for.

– she added.

The man, who would share the little food he has with his four-legged friends, is a great example that there is still goodness in this world.

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