Ever Had A Feeling That Your Cat Acts Just Like A Human? This Isn’t Far From Being True!

Date October 1, 2018 18:37

If you have had a pet for a long time, you must have heard from the others that your animal is a lot like you. This is probably because the pet gets accustomed to the owner’s presence and acquires the same habits. Even though it may sound quite strange, there is a pet that will always look like its owner, regardless of what others might think – a cat.

Of course, there are people who don’t like cats. They say these animals are reserved and don’t care much about the owner’s presence or absence. They are independent – very different from dogs. However, cats have this special way of thinking and acting like humans that sets them apart from all other animals.

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If you doubt it, just watch this video. You will see that cats are capable of doing some pretty awesome things, very similar to people’s behavior:

Also, have you ever seen a cat sitting with its legs crossed? Hardly any animal can repeat it! Look at this one – it was very thoroughly looking for the best sitting position and finally understood that sitting with the legs crossed was it:

Why does it happen?

Naturally, this somewhat abnormal behavior has already been studied. The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Messina (Italy) conducted a study in 2013 and was able to prove that cats can really mimic many human behaviors.

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Do you need an example? After getting used to staying indoors in the owner’s presence, cats begin to use the bathroom the same way you do and even eat together. All this results from routine that many cats don’t mind bein accustomed to.

Apart from that, you might have noticed that cats rarely pay attention to other cats. On the contrary, they are usually very interested in humans. Experts mention this is because they try to communicate with you, asking for food, affection or simply attracting your attention.

So if you have ever felt that your cat understands you, you were completely right!

Technology Lovers

Humans couldn’t help noticing this similarity and even created apps and games for their beloved pets! Calm down, that’s completely normal! These applications serve to help keep the pets active and entertained. In addition, they are extremely helpful for animals living indoors.

Here are some of them: Magic Piano, Paint for Cats, and even CatFishing. Of course, we wouldn't bet that your cat will leave your screen intact, so it is completely up to you to decide whether you or your pet will be playing on your iPhone.

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