To What Extent Can Man Play God? Meet 13 Animals That Were Created By Humans

Date October 1, 2018 14:44

Do you think it is acceptable for humans to interfere in nature's processes and give life to new creatures? Multiple questionable genetic experiments have been made throughout the last centuries, which started worldwide discussions about morality and ethics!

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Should man pretend to be God? While this question causes discussion and controversy, science is taking steps further in improving DNA studies and has already added several animals into our lives that never existed in nature.

We're not joking! Some animals that exist today have been created in laboratories due to scientific experiments.

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Get ready to meet some of the unique animals created for specific reasons, but adapted to live in this world!

In the video below, you can learn about such 11 creations that will definitely surprise you:

Isn't it impressive? And most (or at least some) of these animals are pretty cute!

But, the life of a scientist is full of experiments worthy of horror movies! These inventive people have even created a dog that glowed in the dark! Yes, it's true! To test the genetic compatibility, the researchers have mixed the beagle's DNA and made the dog glow green under the ultraviolet light.

See two other bizarre creatures created by men:

Two-headed dog

In the 1950s, a Soviet biologist, Vladimir Demikhov, became a pioneer in organ transplantation. He used dogs in his experiments. He produced the most bizarre and frightening creature that was christened "the two-headed dog." The scientist transplanted the head of a puppy to the neck of an adult dog.

According to the Times magazine launched in 1955, when the dog woke up, the smaller head yawned and the adult dog's head wanted to fight it! Bizarre and scary!

After six days of life, both heads and body in died together. Science can be truly revolting and cause so much suffering...

Mouse-ear (The Vacanti Mouse)

Let's look at another bizarre result of the creative heads of geneticists!

One scientist had a brilliant idea of putting an ear-shaped tissue structure with human cartilage cells into a rat! This experiment happened in 1995. The only question is "why?"