TV Presenter Fabíola Gadelha Lost 30 Pounds Without Surgery: "I Did Not Do Bariatric Surgery. I Neither Needed Nor Wanted To"

Date May 23, 2018

Self-confidence seems to be a trademark of Fabíola Gadelha, a journalist. She surprised everyone in social networks with a new look.

Fabíola lost 55 pounds (25 kilograms) in only three months but denied having resorted to a weight loss surgery. She says:

Contrary to what many people think, I did not do bariatric surgery. I neither needed nor wanted to.

The journalist revealed her secret of losing so much weight in such a short time and claims that although she is not keeping a strict diet, now she has learned to eat healthily. She posted on her Twitter account: 

Don’t be thinking that it is uncivilized to eat too much! Everyone knows their needs. The problem of some "sub-celebrities" is just too little content and too much talk! 

In addition to combining healthy nutrition with physical activities, Fabíola says she did an aesthetic procedure called Vibro liposuction, which is much less aggressive than traditional liposuction but still took six liters (12 lbs) of fat.

She also wrote that she had suffered mockery at her job because of the weight.

Fabíola said that she never had a problem accepting herself.

I always found myself beautiful.

What motivated her to make this change was her health, which was compromised. And then she decided to set a good example for her family, such as by eating healthier, sleeping better, and drinking plenty of water.

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Self-esteem is not a quality TV presenter usually lack. The same applies for Fabíola. She adds:

And the harassment remains the same.

Fabíola suggested her fans, who asked for tips to achieving such a result, that first, you have to come to terms with your current appearance and feel good about it. And only then you will succeed. She doesn’t think starving is worth it.

Everything in life has to be weighed, even losing weight.

Professionally, the journalist didn’t seem to have a very good reputation among her co-workers. According to TV Foco, she wasn’t a success as a reporter and as a presenter. But nobody can deny her achievement, and now she became a huge inspiration to many people. Not only to the ones who desire to lose weight but also to those who wish to set a good example or get healthier.

After the change, Fabíola continues to be a TV reporter and got a nickname "Queen of Change" for obvious reasons.

Remember, that her road to change started with accepting her own appearance.

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