Tips To Make Your Home More Accessible And Comfortable For The Elderly

Date August 23, 2018

It is increasingly common for independent older people to live separately. Families can live under the same roof with grandparents or even great-grandparents. Fortunately, along with the increasing quality of life, more and more people live long enough to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

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Naturally, a more advanced age entails some restrictions. It gets more difficult to move around, falling and other household accidents become bigger threats and with that, a person’s need for comfort increases. Here are some useful tips to make your home safer and more comfortable for the elderly. /


A well-lit environment is a must for a home with seniors. Both sunlight and artificial light are important to prevent accidents.

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Anti-slip flooring

The floor of the house is one of the main reasons of accidents for elderly people. Therefore, the floor mustn’t be slippery. Avoid small rugs and mats, always opting for wall-to-wall carpets that are tacked down to the floor to prevent tripping.


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Safety rails

Grab bars and safety rails around the house are essential, especially near stairs, in the bathroom, and hallways.

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Avoid stairs

Try to prevent an elderly person from having to climb the stairs. If possible, replace them with ramps. If you can’t avoid stairs, make sure each step is large enough to accommodate the entire foot.

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Doors and windows

The doors should be wide enough. Choose door handles over knobs. If possible, go for automated shutters on the windows.

Reliable furniture

The furniture around the house can and will be used as support points by an elderly. Therefore, make sure each one is well built. In addition, choose rounded or rubberized edges with no sharp corners to avoid injury. As for a couch, go for the harder one.

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Special attention to the bathroom

The bathroom is a place of increased hazard. The floor, frequently visited by the elderly, tends to be constantly wet, which can lead to an accident. Install grab bars and cover the floor with rubber. Avoid glass in this room. Swivel faucets are easier to handle. To make the bathroom even safer, see if you can install an emergency button there.


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It is only fair to repay those who have dedicated their lives to us with comfort and love, isn’t it?

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