Cradle Break: The Funniest Baby Escapes From Their Cribs

Date September 14, 2018

Anyone who has a baby knows how hard it is to keep them in a crib or prevent them from entering other rooms.

They either start crying because they want to get out or quietly architect elaborate escape plans.

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The escapes are inevitable and often, hilarious. Sometimes, parents manage to film the escapades, and post the videos on the internet.

The success is guaranteed, and having thought about it, we decided to make a compilation of the most incredible baby getaways.

1. Double trouble

First, both twins pretend to obey the order to go to sleep. Then, they escape from their cribs, switch places and make the room a mess.

2. Help from the outside

This baby had to turn to an escape specialist – his older brother – for help.

3. Perfect crime

Unlike most babies, who decide to climb over the grid that separates them from freedom, this baby has resorted to the timeless method of 'digging a tunnel'.

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4. Unlikely accomplices

After inspecting the footage of the events, parents found the baby not guilty of the escape, as the blame lies solely on the third parties.

5. Escape genius

This baby may have carried out the most elaborate escape of all time.

6. The unstoppable

Last, but not least – a video, which shows that nothing can deny the little ones their freedom.

Remember that however hilarious baby escapes may seem, they can be dangerous due to height of the crib, or the possibility of the baby being trapped between the bars. So always keep an eye on your children, or allow them more space by letting them sleep on a mattress on the floor instead of a traditional crib.

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